Maeden is an Amsterdam-based luxury label with a visionary approach to leather goods under the creative direction of Christian Heikoop. With unwavering attention to detail and quality, the brand balances innovative design, traditional craftsmanship and transparent sustainability to bring its timeless, refined products to life.

At Maeden, we believe that sustainability is traceable and transparent. We hold a distinct position in the industry by exclusively partnering with a century-old certified tannery based in the Netherlands that solely produces leather from byproducts of local dairy farms. Sourcing and crafting locally, we have the privilege of selecting the finest leathers first and formulating custom colors.

The collection encapsulates understated and refined luxury in an effortless way. Although it may seem simple at first glance, the construction is technically precise and details are incredibly intricate. Balanced perfectly between contemporary innovative design and traditional heritage craftsmanship, Maeden aims to renew and push the boundaries of the true meaning of luxury.

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