Founded in 2012, Celia B is the namesake label of Spanish-bred Celia Bernardo. Above all else, Celia B is an ode to freedom, a celebration of the joy of life in all its forms. We design fun, statement and timeless pieces, from Spain with love. 

With a passion for textiles, a slight obsession over quality and a sensibility for craftsmanship, the brand is strongly committed to creating long lasting clothes for your wardrobe that break the molds defined by mainstream fashion. We understand clothing to be more than just fabric, it is an extension of your identity, and place the relationship you build with your clothes at the very center of our efforts. We encourage you to shine brightly, live boldly and celebrate life.

Our pieces make a statement about you as much as it’s a statement about us. Made for women who take the world by storm. In a world which is increasingly becoming monochromatic, where colors are losing vibrancy and black and white are chosen above the beauty of colors, CELIA B stands out as an activist of color. No matter if it is in the depths of winter, or the sunniest of springs, our clothes aim to spark joy by making your wardrobe brighter.

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