Its been a long process.

Going on line has been daunting,  After toying with it I decided to give it a go myself as I felt I could put the Gallery 9 stamp on it best myself.  If it didn't work what was there to loose? Just gain a few grey hairs!!

So in January on my day off every week I sat in front of my laptop and very slowly started figuring out the world of website development. Im a technophobe, even through college I always shunned away from it, instead preferring the old-fashioned pen and paper way off communicating. But I persisted at it. 

So I am so delighted with the way its turned out. I was able to make decisions as I went about the functionality and how Gallery 9 was represented online. Which I feel makes the web shop feel a little more personal, and also has a clear identity that represents us!

So we really wanted this platform to have the essence of our shop but the convenience of the online world. We have selected brands to sell online which we know everyone loves. We will in time have online exclusives which won't be available in-store just to make things a little interesting. We also offer our style advice and suggested pairings so that you will get the full Gallery 9 service on line.

We really hope you enjoy shopping on line with us.

Love Niamh