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Geminis are intellectual and curious, they are clear thinkers but also have a lightness in spirit which usually makes them the life and soul of the party! Sorcha’s hand drawn symbol of the twins is centre to this classic medallion style necklace surrounded by engraved stars and Framed in a circle of spheres. Our fine chain measures 44 cm so the necklaces sits lightly around the upper chest , making it perfect for layering with our large medallion or wearing alone for a more delicate look, the medallion measures 16mm at its widest part. Each piece is hand crafted in Italy. Please see below for further material and care info.

Jewellery Care
Your Sorcha O'Raghallaigh Jewellery has a base metal of brass and is plated in  Gold. Plated jewellery should not be worn while  bathing, exercising, swimming or when applying perfumes, lotions or hair products. To clean your plated jewellery, use a soft cloth and gently wipe the surface. Please do not use harsh chemicals, jewellery cleaners or jewellery cloths as they will affect the finish of the jewellery. When not wearing your piece, it is best to store in the box provided.