Cathrine Hammel is a Norwegian fashion brand based in Oslo, est. 1997. The fashion brand produces new collections based on a variation of themes each season. The team consists of designers, a garment specialist, tailors, a production manager and a creative director that work closely together to create elegant clothes that are meant to be worn in the real world.

The brand has detectable roots to the Bauhaus tradition. Cathrine Hammel herself, grew up with a grandfather being an architect from the Bauhaus school and a grandmother specializing in arts and crafts. Keynotes as functionality, simplicity, craftsmanship and aesthetics designed to have an impact on the everyday aspects of life is a common foundation that prevails in every collection. How a piece of clothing feels when it`s worn and how a look is created by the wearer – not the clothes – is most important for the Cathrine Hammel aesthetics.

The clothes are laboriously altered to fit a progressive lifestyle, whereas the boundaries between work and pleasure collides into one single entity. Each piece of garment reflects a Scandinavian way of living and it`s democratic ideals: Gender equality, a sustainable approach to the environment, social cohesion and a balance between life and work. Cathrine Hammel is a modern wearable fashion brand, catering to open minded people, whom recognizes quality and durability as the most sustainable approach to fashion.

Cathrine Hammel currently can only be purchased in store.

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